Psychologist & Trainer for
Physical & Mental Development

I train, coach and consult private people & organizations in personal sessions, workshop & seminars. Based on your challenges and needs we work with methods that either emphasize your Mind, Body or Breath, or combine those elements in a holistic program.
Personal CoachingCorporate Consulting


Psychological Well-Being &
Mental Training

Our mind is the basis for everything we experience in life and for every conscious contribution we can make in the lives of others. Given that fact, it makes a lot sense to take good care of it.

Systemically, we will engaging, defining & overcoming your conflicts, challenges and fostering your cognitive resources like attention or resilience for a good mental health.

Systemic Coaching | Stoic Meditations |
Attention-Training | Mindfulness Seminars


Physical Fitness & Mobility

Regardless if you want to look better; learn handstands or simply be able to lift all those boxes correctly, when moving into a 4th floor apartment but don’t have any real friends – Physicality is essential for how we feel & move through life.

HIIT | Functional & Core Training | Stretching Routine | Exercises from Martial Arts & Acrobatics


Mediator between Mind and Body

Mental and physical processes as well as the relationship between both is largely regulated by our breath. So how we use the average 20.000 in- & exhalations each day can have a powerful effect on the quality of life.

Learning how to become aware & use your breath, and how to cultivate breathing patterns strengthens the immune system; improves performance during physical training and can lead a more restful sleep.

Pranayama Exercises | Wim Hoff Method | Buteyko Breathing


Mind, Body & Breath are the software, hardware & electricity of the human existence. Because these 3 are inseparable connected, neglecting one part will influence the others. Conversely, the more they harmonize, the greater the synergy between them. And the greater the synergy, the stronger the foundation to live a good life.

Real(and some not so real)References

I always had motivation problems until I met Chris. Mentally, I learn how to reframe problems into challenges. Athletically, we really pushed my game by using my tongue for better aerodynamics.

Michael Jordan
CEO, Chicago Bulls

Hands down, always been my most favorite son!

Kornelia Hänchen

Christian's Mindful Leadership training was a great addition to our program. He built the topic with humor, knowledge and practical interactions. Many thanks!

Jessica Hopp
CEO, On Purpose

I attended one of Christian's Meditation seminars and now I can't wait to live in the moment! Namaste Chris.

Dalai Lama
CEO, Buddism

In only 2 weeks I gained approx. 34,3% brain mass using his mental training method! Now I can think about all the things I always wanted to think about!

Elon Musk
CEO Tesla, Space X

In Chris we've found a multi-talented and professional consultant. Excellent preparation before, and inspirational during his workshops. We've always achieve great results with him.

Christoph Barth
Head of Marketing, nextbike

Our projects are not only about creating innovative clothing, but also to promote inclusion in the fashion industry and society. Christian’s creative and empathetic workshop was ideal for that and contributed to our mission.

Janina Urussowa
Professor for Design & Founder of Bezgraniz Couture

Chris really knew how to engage the class and adjust to spontaneous changes. Nobody was overwhelmed with the new
information and techniques we learned. It was a great experience which I'd love to do again. All the best, Ahed

Ahed Abugabah
Professor for IT Systems, Zayed University of UAE
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