Psychologist & Coach for

Physical & Mental

I coach and consult private people & organizations in personal sessions, workshop & seminars. Based on your challenges and needs we work with methods that either emphasize your Mind, Body or Breath – or combine those elements in a holistic program.
Personal CoachingCorporate Consulting


Psychological Well-Being &
Mental Training

Our mind is the basis for everything we experience in life and for every conscious contribution we can make in the lives of others. Given that fact, it makes a lot sense to take good care of it.

Systemically, we will engage, define & overcome your conflicts, challenges and train your cognitive resources for solid mental health.

Systemic Coaching | Stoic Meditations |
Attention-Training | Mindfulness Seminars


Physical Fitness & Mobility

Regardless if it's for aesthetics; pain relief or simply being able to lift all those heavy-ass boxes when moving into the 4th floor but don’t have any real friends – Physicality is essential for how we feel & move through life.

Functional Training | Kettlebell | Martial Arts & Acrobatics Movements | Stretching & Flexibility 


Mediator between Mind and Body

Mental and physical processes, as well as the relationship between them, are strongly regulated by our breath. Developing how to better use the average 20,000 in- & exhalations each day will improve your daily life in various ways.

Besides benefits for your immune system, physical capability or sleep, your breath helps you to navigate almost any stressful situation
– You simply got to learn how to use it.

Pranayama Exercises | Wim Hof Method | Buteyko Breathing


Mind, Body & Breath are the software, hardware & electricity of the human existence. Because these 3 are inseparable connected, neglecting one part will influence the others. Conversely, the more they harmonize, the greater the synergy between them. And the greater the synergy, the stronger the foundation to live a good life.
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