About Me

Christian Hänchen [krɪstʃən ˈhænʃən], masc., left-handed, Libra | 1) Psychologist & Systemic Coach who supports people to not only overcome their challenges and conflicts, but also to progressively unfold their potential. 2) Personal Trainer who covers a wide range of training methods & exercises that range from side kicks, handstands & muscle-ups, to simply lift & carry all those heavy-ass boxes when you move into a 4th floor apartment but don’t have any real friends. 3) A visiting lecturer who teaches New Work & Design Thinking at HMKW University of Applied Science. 4) An ambitious millennial who‘s fascinated by martial-arts, art, artificial intelligence and  alliterations. He's be happy to discuss following topics with you: Human Nature, ubi, cntemporary RnB, Martial Arts, comedy, cultural appropriation, Meditation & consciousness, Decarde & Philosophy of the human body. He blends insights and examples from Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, Pop-Culture & Comedy into various lectures, presentations and workshop formats that focus on mental health and personal development.

His 3 pillars to foster
physical & mental development are

They are the software, hardware & electricity of our existence. Because these 3 are inseparable connected, neglecting one part will influence the others. Conversely, the more mind, body & breath harmonize, the greater the synergy between them. And the greater the synergy, the stronger the foundation to live a good life.

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