Physical Fitness & Mobility

» The abdomen is the reason why man does not easily take himself for a god. «
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Regardless if you want to good dancer, look better; learn handstands, or simply be able to lift all those boxes correctly, when moving into a 4th floor apartment but don’t have any real friends – Physicality is essential for how we feel & move through life.

My Personal Training evolves around building strength, improving your mobility and overall body intelligence. It combines a modern HIIT approach with full body- & movement exercises as well as breath awareness.
Especially breathing is an easy to improve yet hugely beneficial for your physical performance - and beyond. During working out controlled nose breathing will boost your endurance and during stretching it can sensitize you for precise areas of your body. If cultivated over a period of time, you will also become more cognizant of your breathing throughout your day (walking up stairs, stressful situation). It will furthermore improve your overall immune system and promote a healthier sleep.

Movements exercises from martial arts and acrobatics are a challenging yet playful way to build agility without burning you out. The fun aspect and quick progress in those exercises are a big push for intrinsic motivation and more stability during various full body exercises.

If desired, I'll curate a personal workout plan based on your goals, skills & performance throughout the first sessions. That way you have a clear structure allowing you to train independently over time.

Before an initial session feel free to fill Out this form so I can conceptualize the training on your needs and current condition.

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