Mediator between Body & Mind

» Just breathe Motherf#*"er!« – Wim Hof

It's an access for viruses but it can hugely boost our immune system. We don't pay attention to it most of our life, but we panic when it's gone for only a few seconds. It is autonomic but we can control consciously. Every single human being does it constantly, yet so few use its potential – These ambivalences  make breathing so special.

Due to the on going COVID pandemic, breathing got some attention - mostly in the context of getting air and face masks. But its role as mediator of the close relationship between mental and bodily processes might be just as important in times of crisis and stress. For example, stress or fear leads to shallower and faster breathing, which leads to a more tense body or even involuntary breath holds when suddenly shit happens. Over time we easily cultivate unconscious breathing patterns (mouth breathing, involuntary breathe holding, snoring, …) that have negative affects to our health, how we feel and what we are capable of.

Usually I integrate certain techniques in coaching- and Personal Training sessions, but also offer full seminars that highlight the role of breathing in the interplay with Mind and Body as well as teach how to increase awareness for your breathing patterns.

Because the techniques differ in their intensity and purpose, they can be applied in various settings (at work, going for a walk, exercising, during sleep) and for multiple purposes (relaxation, vitality, endurance, concentration, health)

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