Most modern organizations acknowledge the  'New Work' & corporate culture principles of the 21st century. But how to seriously fill these concepts with life and embed them into their structures & practices is a different ball game. I use my psychological expertise to train and consult organizations within the key areas:
Teamwork & Collaboration; Communication and Leadership.


No matter if it is in the area of knowledge-, creative- or construction-work, modern workforce structures are a team sport. Even lone wolf free-lancers collaborate in temporary team for their projects which highlights that teamwork should be a building block of every solid corporate DNA. And although this is old news for most organizations, why is it that some team thrive while others falter? There is still a mismatch between what social science knowns and what business does. My goal is to close that gap by combining my background as organizational Psychologist with my corporate work experience.

My workshops help building new teams or strengthening existing ones. Participants will be guided though a discussion driven 4 stages process, which gives individuals the chance to self-discover concerns, strengths and opportunities. Essential aspects the team will establish are goals, values, role clarity, work meaning and psychological safety.


In negotiations, family gatherings, political discussions or close relationships –difficult conversations may show up in different forms but always possess the same structure. But it is hard to see that because we either get caught up in the heat of the moment or we avoid those conversations from the start. However, engaging in them becomes increasingly important. Not just to improve one’s own communication; convince others or understand new perspectives, but also to test one’s own belief system. Especially in a professional context with frequent interactions and meetings, difficult conversations are often inevitable and require qualities like respectful disagreeing, framing, timing, self awareness and actually listening to what others say…or at least try to😉. Being able to navigate those conversations will not only be beneficial for the overall project, but also for the long-term well-being of yourself and your relationships at work.

My seminars provide a framework of the dynamics, challenges and possibilities of interpersonal communication, as well as feedback tools and methods to identify communication character and improve your conversation style.


The crucial challenge for leaders is not to learn obvious principles & theories of modern leadership, but how to seriously imbed them in their personalities and daily business practices. Therefore my trainings exceed necessary yet insufficient knowledge inputs (or inspirational stories), by providing participants with concrete communication-, breathing- & awareness exercises for instant experiential effects. Not only can they decrease stress and boost vitality but will also be very beneficial beyond the professional work context.

The interactive1-day training comprises valuable aspects from positive psychology, literature & martial arts and emphasize the leaderships pillars: Attention, Resilience, Communication.

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