A recent series of studies* came to the shocking & highly scientific conclusion "Life can be pretty tough sometimes". However, at least since the global pandemic in 2020 and all its consequences this statement needs no scientific proof. No matter if it's due to collective or individual crisis – taking serious care of our psychological well-being and building mental resilience is key for navigating through tough times.

On the basis of personality psychology, systems theory & psychodynamic methods we will engage in a predefined number of individual coaching sessions. Along this process, we will identify your current problems by forming them into concrete challenges, deriving goals as well as strategies how to achieve those. Depending on your issue we use suitable techniques throughout the entire coaching process which contribute to your successful overcoming of your issues. A regular coaching process consists of about 8 to 10 sessions with a duration of 1.5 hours each, which can be done in person or remotely. After each session, the main insights, break throughs or tasks session will be summaries in a follow up mail so we can track your progress.

Before starting this process we have a free initial session to clarify details, address open questions and to see if we resonate for a the possible coaching.

Besides the coaching process, an added value in matters of stress management, health and resilience, clients usually benefit from additional reframing techniques or breathing exercises I’ll teach you if interested. These will not only help to cope with balance emotional states of mind in stressful situations but also improve your energy level in everyday life.

* I cannot fully remember where I read about the referred study. It was either in one of those big science books with many diagrams and studies. Or I overheard it on RTL Frühstücksfernssehen. But it was definitely one of those two.

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